Kite school lake Garda

Our kite school teaches all levels of kitesurfing on Lake Garda, from beginners to advanced riders. We organise our kitesurfing courses so that you can book on a day-to-day basis, no matter if you're a total beginner or an advanced surfer.

Boat-based kitesurfing lessons offer many advantages:

  • The kitesurfing instructor is always near the students
  • The level of safety is extremely high
  • Students can skip the "frustrating" walk upwind
  • The kitesurfing student learns how to deal with the deep water immediately and naturally
  • During rest breaks on the boat, you can watch and cheer on your kite course classmates and learn from their successes and mistakes
  • Learning the basics first using a trainer kite isn't necessary - with us, you will learn to kitesurf with "real" kites from day one
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